The Earth Teaches and It Heals Us

As we walk on this new path of creation now, we can see before us the times that have gone by and taken a new shape of existence. We can now know what we are here, why we came. We can learn from what has been transgressed and start anew, with new hope and new vision. And so, the Earth teaches. As we call on answers from Spirit, the Earth calls back to us to go within, to our Heart of Hearts and awaken within us the God/Goddess Knowing we’ve had all along. You see, we are already awakened. It is just now a matter of remembrance. We can see clearly now who we are. We can choose to see this. To see what we are and what we can be. We have already awakened and now each day is another stepping stone along the journey of powerful, powerful self-discovery! We can see each and every day just how miraculous we are…what a miracle we are indeed! We can see our limitless potential, our power, our capabilities, we can see this and now know this, recognize this and then put it to use! So we can carry forth on our missions here.

So as time passes, reflect back. See where you’ve been and where you might think you are going. Set the ground work and keep being in the moment. Let the Earth heal you and teach you, let it re-awaken within you what you already are. Peace be with you. Namaste. xoxo, Daina, Goddess Channeling Enlightenment. Peace be with you. Namaste. God/Goddess, Archangel Michael, Divine Source all around protecting you now. Peace be with you. Namaste. xo ❤ xoxo 😀 Namaste.