Visiting with Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria-Daina-WhiteChanneling flowers is a healing gift to the Earth, to us all, really. It allows us to see within ourselves and speak of the messages deep within. The Earth, the plant kingdom, nature kingdom, fairies and angels are constantly speaking to us through many divine messengers, whether it be plant species, bird totems, crystalline beings, devic goddesses, it is all here for our deeper understanding. Today I had a deep experience with Alstroemeria. She showed me that the sacred power of the yoni wisdom is rich within. Her soft pink petals mirror the soft pink flesh of a woman’s sacred center, and her deep wisdom is inside of all of us. There are eons of knowledge within us and we can access it at anytime. Her power speaks of the soft feminine rays but also that primal goddess wisdom power within. Let her Heal you. Connect with her today. I encourage you to go within and seek the Spirit the Plant Essence that is speaking to you. It may be Alstroemeria, it may a Ruby-colored Goddess, it may be anything that has a message of great value, understanding and importance to you. And it’s not just the messages that are transmitted, but the healing energies as well. Go deeper, go within!

A further message from Alstroemeria: “Goddess of Light, Goddess of Love, go within my sacred yoni womb and channel the pure Light. Goddess of Night, Goddesses of Delight, We are united in our sacred womb, our sacred power, our sacred bond, our sacred sexuality. We are united in our teachings here. We are united in our Source Light here. We are all synced up and connected through Divine Source, Prime Creator, indeed. We are the Light. We are the Teachers. We are the Messengers. We speak of Infinity. We speak of Love. We speak of Creation. We are the Divine Messengers, the Healers, the Writers, the Speakers. We are the Messengers.” Channeled by Daina White on 2/13/16. God be Blessed. Peace with all. Namaste. Channeled in love. Namaste.

❤ xo

Photo by Daina White.


White Yarrow’s Message

white-yarrowI resolve the human condition, in order for the species to evolve, we as a whole must demonstrate our abilities to heal from within, for only in this regard, in this matter, will all of the planet heal, this means Mother Nature, as well as the Animal and Human species and additional elements. Everything is intrinsically connected, everyone is interdependent and reliant on one another for healing and survival of the fittest and highest order. In order to heal, we must start within. I have a special remedy and essence of healing nature, to let the soul know it is safe, guarded and protected and can stand and sustain any hardship one may endure energetically. Allow yourselves to release unto me and let your soul evolve and heal as well. The essences of nature and Mother Earth come to you for your own healing. This is why they have arrived. This is why they communicate. This is why they heal. They want the planet to survive and sustain and be bountiful just as much as you wish for your own personal joy, love, peace and happiness, and so in this regard, work together dear ones, and let the planet Earth heal. Indeed. Peace be with all this day and always. ~ White Yarrow Deva.

Photo by Google Images.