Visiting with Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria-Daina-WhiteChanneling flowers is a healing gift to the Earth, to us all, really. It allows us to see within ourselves and speak of the messages deep within. The Earth, the plant kingdom, nature kingdom, fairies and angels are constantly speaking to us through many divine messengers, whether it be plant species, bird totems, crystalline beings, devic goddesses, it is all here for our deeper understanding. Today I had a deep experience with Alstroemeria. She showed me that the sacred power of the yoni wisdom is rich within. Her soft pink petals mirror the soft pink flesh of a woman’s sacred center, and her deep wisdom is inside of all of us. There are eons of knowledge within us and we can access it at anytime. Her power speaks of the soft feminine rays but also that primal goddess wisdom power within. Let her Heal you. Connect with her today. I encourage you to go within and seek the Spirit the Plant Essence that is speaking to you. It may be Alstroemeria, it may a Ruby-colored Goddess, it may be anything that has a message of great value, understanding and importance to you. And it’s not just the messages that are transmitted, but the healing energies as well. Go deeper, go within!

A further message from Alstroemeria: “Goddess of Light, Goddess of Love, go within my sacred yoni womb and channel the pure Light. Goddess of Night, Goddesses of Delight, We are united in our sacred womb, our sacred power, our sacred bond, our sacred sexuality. We are united in our teachings here. We are united in our Source Light here. We are all synced up and connected through Divine Source, Prime Creator, indeed. We are the Light. We are the Teachers. We are the Messengers. We speak of Infinity. We speak of Love. We speak of Creation. We are the Divine Messengers, the Healers, the Writers, the Speakers. We are the Messengers.” Channeled by Daina White on 2/13/16. God be Blessed. Peace with all. Namaste. Channeled in love. Namaste.

❤ xo

Photo by Daina White.


A Message From Gladiola

12107014_895083633227_4619674555654588300_nPlants have an effervescent nature, and they seek to bubble up from the Earth and create wondrous healing for all the humans and other angels here. They have many gifts, many teachings, wisdoms in fact, years and years of lexicons with which to heal others and paint this glorious fabric with, interwoven with magical and healing wisdom for all, the spells within these books, these woven fabrics, are ancient, and they contain encoded information that will allow us in turn to better heal the Earth and all her inhabitants here and so we say, it is important then, that the humans continually learn how to connect with us, the plant spirits, because it is through us, our healing, our wisdom, our long and arduous journey here, that we can teach them how to come to a place of peace within themselves, and without, so they can keep shining their light here. So many have become downtrodden by the spiritual energies they receive once they look out on the Earth with newly awakened eyes, they cannot see the good and the glory always, for they can only see the pain and destruction, and while this does remain to be seen, indeed, we say to still look for the brighter light within, because there is a healing message to be seen and heard, there is a healing journey to be had, and there is no one way out, there are many ways and avenues of solutions, problems solving and peacemaking to usher forth and issue out here, the way to peace is many, but it starts with the blessed soul’s heart first, and that soul needs to drop down and connect more with us, the heart of the plant spirit essence and Mother Earth and Nature herself so she/he can see her/his own divine incarnate beauty and an ascended master here indeed, for you are all ascended, you just merely need to awaken more to that fact and see that you have the limitless capability for great power, wise and ancient healing here. You can do all of this and so much more as you access deeper waves of infinity within yourself now and so let it be known this day, that you are God’s essence, you are God’s light, and you are God’s infinity cosmic creation with beings and accesses of light that speak powerful messages of incantations, healing and destiny. You are the light waves that we promise speak of infinity and healing incarnate, you are the destiny unfolding, the healing magic that has been made time and time again, you are the infinite possibilities of love, and light that shine forth on this Earth, you are so powerful, cosmic creators, and we love you so. Know your infinity. Know your infinite nature. Your power here. Use it wisely and it will heal the Earth. In time. Blessed Be. Namaste. We are the Ancient tribe of the Gladiolus Tree. Blessed be. Namaste. Young one. Namaste. ~ Gladiola. Namaste. As channeled via Daina White’s High Heart, Ascended Master to the Plant Spirits. Namaste. We love you. Namaste.

Photo by Patti Dawn.