Visiting with Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria-Daina-WhiteChanneling flowers is a healing gift to the Earth, to us all, really. It allows us to see within ourselves and speak of the messages deep within. The Earth, the plant kingdom, nature kingdom, fairies and angels are constantly speaking to us through many divine messengers, whether it be plant species, bird totems, crystalline beings, devic goddesses, it is all here for our deeper understanding. Today I had a deep experience with Alstroemeria. She showed me that the sacred power of the yoni wisdom is rich within. Her soft pink petals mirror the soft pink flesh of a woman’s sacred center, and her deep wisdom is inside of all of us. There are eons of knowledge within us and we can access it at anytime. Her power speaks of the soft feminine rays but also that primal goddess wisdom power within. Let her Heal you. Connect with her today. I encourage you to go within and seek the Spirit the Plant Essence that is speaking to you. It may be Alstroemeria, it may a Ruby-colored Goddess, it may be anything that has a message of great value, understanding and importance to you. And it’s not just the messages that are transmitted, but the healing energies as well. Go deeper, go within!

A further message from Alstroemeria: “Goddess of Light, Goddess of Love, go within my sacred yoni womb and channel the pure Light. Goddess of Night, Goddesses of Delight, We are united in our sacred womb, our sacred power, our sacred bond, our sacred sexuality. We are united in our teachings here. We are united in our Source Light here. We are all synced up and connected through Divine Source, Prime Creator, indeed. We are the Light. We are the Teachers. We are the Messengers. We speak of Infinity. We speak of Love. We speak of Creation. We are the Divine Messengers, the Healers, the Writers, the Speakers. We are the Messengers.” Channeled by Daina White on 2/13/16. God be Blessed. Peace with all. Namaste. Channeled in love. Namaste.

❤ xo

Photo by Daina White.


Labradorite Medicine Stone Journey

“Falcon Goddess Horatia” by Daina White, © 2016.

Healing with Labradorite…these essences are gifts from God, gifts from Gaia, gifts from Mother Nature. They help us access deeper and deeper levels within ourselves, grounding us, connecting us deep into the womb of Gaia. About a week ago, I journeyed with Labradorite and was shown many winged messengers, totems of the bird species. There were falcons, dragons, hawks, owls, phoenixes, a raven, too, and they all were beautiful. They inspire the action energy, the courage to take these necessary steps to realize our goals and dreams to full and true fruition. They lend us this inner strength. Perhaps the strongest Messenger for me that night was the Falcon, so I immediately set about drawing her energy, her totem as she spoke to me. It is all about seeing and recognizing the opportunities as they come up for you in your life and that not only have the discernment about which to act on, but then to actually act upon them! So I am thankful for all these winged messengers giving me the sight and vision to take such next steps, and I hope for you, that you will fly free and receiving the healing energy, too. Peace beloved ones. Namaste. xoxo, Daina.

~ Hawk Medicine. Falcon Energy. Crow/Raven. Phoenix. Barn Owl. All of these powerful messengers lie in wait for you to claim your destiny! Heed the call! ~ 😀




Peridot Essence: The Spirit Journeys



“The Spirit of Peridot” by Daina White, © 2016.

Recently I took a journey with Peridot essence. It reminded me of my deep connection with the Earth and Mother Gaia and how she speaks to us all. She called me deeper into her sacred space, her womb for deeper and further healing of my hara and sacral centers. We, each of us, are born here to make great and infinitely lasting changes on the Earth. When we reach deep into the Earth for messages, we find it. We illuminate our own divine truths simply by existing and choosing to take the time to journey within, to find those deep and powerful soul messages, to take our hearts higher and higher, reaching further deep into the depths and high to the heights of our existence here. We can illuminate our divinity constantly through the constant choice of believing in who we are here. Believing in our abilities to manifest and make magic, and to constantly heal and shift and be reunited with our true selves. We are reborn each day, each day is a new day allowing us to choose our sacred selves and our sacred path here and to truly see that we are born and meant entirely for greatness. So as they say, to play small…well this isn’t what our souls are. Our souls are beyond the limitations of this physical plane. They reach far and wide into vast and mesmerizing planes and dimensions. They are not limited, and as you are your soul, and your soul is you, then by that very definition, you are not limited. You are not limited I say by whatever confines the mind has dictated, so let your heart soar. Let your true self soar here, and become one with the United Path that lies oh so very blessed inside of your heart. You are the Illumination. You are the Source Light, and you are the Powerful Truth here. I love each and every one of you. God Be Blessed, and as are you, Divine Powerful Ones.

Much Love, Peace and Eternal Light.

Namaste, xoxo,

Daina. ❤ xoxo 🙂 Namaste. Peace Light and Eternal Love. Namaste.

Crown Source Creation. Namaste.