Grey Wanderer

daina-white-flower-gregory-baileyAs my memory serves me,
it seems to wander into the grey…
Will I be filtered or stand out
strong, crisp, brave, clear
Will I wash away as these ruins turn and these oceans churn
for the tides mount higher now
rising and climbing…Ascending. ❤ ❤
Or perhaps…
Will I be reborn?
For I am refreshed
and made Anew
And I’m coming up on a precipice now
As I can see the stormy clouds passing by
intermixed with a rainbow’s shine
This sky…
It is LimitLess
It breathes into me…
And I find my footing
holding grasp to your hand,
as we walk together
in lilted unity
forever eternally
throughout these great lands…

Poem © Daina White
Image ~ My hands with a flower captured by Gregory Bailey @naturewanderer1