What is the Essence of the Earth? It is the Heart of Gaia, and the Heart of Gaia is in us all! The Heart’s Medicine, it is of the Earth, and Mother Earth and Her Teaching Wisdom is truly to serve us all. She is Here FOR US!! The Earth and the Heart are ONE…just look at the letters in each word, they are the same! We are all so intricately connected to the Source within…the Source of Gaia that is in our hearts, for We are Her Heart, and when we choose listen to the call of Her within us, our own heart and truly follow its teaching, its wisdom and its medicine, well then we are all led on the path of our Divine Mastery here, fulfilling our most important and Sacred paths.

We are all teachers and healers in our own right. We are constantly being counseled through the Heart Chakra. It allows us to open up to our deepest selves, receive the healing that we need, and continuously revealing further wounds that need our loving care, kindness and attention.

We can release ourselves. We can heal ourselves.

That is what I teach through Gaia’s Wisdom, Gaia’s Medicine, which is the Earth’s Medicine, and the Heart’s Deep Healing Counsel. This Medicine of God is inside of us all. Through God’s Healing Counsel and Divine Grace, we are all healed.

Thank you God, Angels, Divine Ones, for blessing this page with your love and may we all heal and celebrate together in our Divine Ascended Mastery!! 🙂

Cheers to a Happy Healing Path For ALL!!

Love you!!

Peace, Eternal Love and Healing Light,



Daina 🙂 ❤