Channeling Love

What does it mean to be a presence of Love on this Earth? It means believing with your whole heart that you are LOVE. That you were meant to feel, express, and taste of divinity, this Divine Love. You were meant to breathe it and be it because you are it.

Loving yourself only takes the simplest acknowledgement that you were born here because you are Love, and God’s Love is you. You are an expression of Love. If Love is the ever-expressive and creative energy of the Universe, and the reason we all exist, then how could you not be that?


You can choose to be Love right now. You can allow yourself to be a presence of Love in others’ lives. You can choose to exist as a channel and Source of Divine Love in this moment. Let yourself be LOVED. Let yourself LOVE YOURSELF!

When will you take a chance on loving yourself wholly and completely? When will you gift yourself with the experience of total and unconditional love that you have gifted to others? When will you see your worth and value as a Divine Soul, Lover and Companion to yourself? Be your own Lover, Love YOURSELF! We seek to express ourselves here because of the pain that lies under the surface, we seek to be the light in our own lives because we want to know what it is like to truly feel all the energy and ever expanding light and healing love within our beings. We want to know what it is to feel truly ALIVE. That feeling we search for is our own love. When we run to other things, substances, places, and people, we are really just searching for ourselves.

Be You and Love Yourself and Your Light Today, because it is quite simply beautiful!

I love thee. I love thee, beautiful.

Namaste. 😉 ❤ xoxo

Peace, Love and Light,

Daina White ❤ 😀

Photo by Daina White.


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