Walking Away

When is it time to move on? When is it time to leave? Well if you heart is calling you to right now, then now is the time. Of course there are preparations to be made and you will be led each step along the way, but ask yourself – are you happy where you are? Whether it is your job, home, relationship, place of living/location or otherwise, it is time to truly honor yourself now and listen to the voice within.


Our voices within, our hearts, are constantly calling us to live the True Path, and what this means is honoring our own light, truth and message here. We all have gifts to share with this world and we aren’t meant to be stuck in poverty, unhappiness or misfortune. All of these things can be overcome, healed and truly transformed into beautiful liberations of truth. We can accomplish anything, if we just give ourselves a chance to. Because that’s what it’s all about. Are you giving yourself permission to truly shine here? To truly be free and flow with the Gifts of God that soar through you? Well, it’s time. There’s never been a time like now – this present moment…to re-awaken yourself and remember – Who Am I? Oh yes, that’s right! I’m a super awesome badass healer and I’ve come here to do great and powerful things!!! 😉 Whatever this is for you. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have I forgiven others?
  2. Have I forgiven myself?
  3. What is stopping me in my path now?
  4. What obstacles am I overcoming at present?
  5. What can I do to secure the future I envision for myself?
  6. And lastly, take that leap of faith. What is it you’ve always been dreaming of?

With these steps in mind, these questions leading you deeper and deeper into the work you have to do here, let yourself be free to receive the healing wisdom you need now. You will receive once you call on the Universe, God, Angels, for support, but I am also calling you to call on yourself, too. To really step up to the plate, the challenge of being and existing here, and really embrace who you are, all that you have become and all that you still will remain to be. You will forever be changed by this moment of now, because in this moment, you decide your future. You decide who you want to be here. You decide if you want to exist in mediocrity or if you truly want to live free and shine. I embolden you to make powerful choices of extraordinary change because I dream this for all of you, and for myself. We all deserve such great peace, happiness and liberation. So I call on you to ask yourself these questions and ponder these thoughts. What can you do right now to give yourself a brighter future…or even just a brighter day? Right now…what will you do?

Peace & Love, xoxo,

Daina. Namaste. ❤ xoxo 😀 I love you all, forever. xo. 🙂

Photo by Daina White.


And We Drift

Daina-White-Gregory-Bailey-ShellsWhen I first went down the hill, I couldn’t remember if I had stopped here before, and tumbled and tumbled. Therefore, I braced myself on its steep cliffs, placing my feet carefully in the roots and stones of the Earth. Then, I was able to come upon the Sea; boy, did it shone with glittering blue diamonds, reflecting rainbow rays off the sun’s brilliant haze. I stepped further, once again bracing myself as I peered into its watery depths. The sun kept popping up near my reflection as clouds moved about. She called to me, this Sea, her Siren Song, but a melody. And how bright she was in her beauty, grace and form. She ~ the waves ~ danced with me as I walked in, further, deeper, letting the surface waters slip away and further accept my embrace into the Mother’s Depth. I let myself go then. I let myself fall so that I could float, and be carried by the warm ocean’s current, as it swirled and spun and told me stories of love. I let myself fall once more, dipping the canal of my ear into the fluid music of her oceanous gifts, her voice, her wisdom, her song ~ our melody.

~ And We Drift ~ ❤ xoxo 🙂 xo

© Daina White 2016 🙂

Image: A Collaboration between Gregory Bailey and Daina White.

Grey Wanderer

daina-white-flower-gregory-baileyAs my memory serves me,
it seems to wander into the grey…
Will I be filtered or stand out
strong, crisp, brave, clear
Will I wash away as these ruins turn and these oceans churn
for the tides mount higher now
rising and climbing…Ascending. ❤ ❤
Or perhaps…
Will I be reborn?
For I am refreshed
and made Anew
And I’m coming up on a precipice now
As I can see the stormy clouds passing by
intermixed with a rainbow’s shine
This sky…
It is LimitLess
It breathes into me…
And I find my footing
holding grasp to your hand,
as we walk together
in lilted unity
forever eternally
throughout these great lands…

Poem © Daina White
Image ~ My hands with a flower captured by Gregory Bailey @naturewanderer1