So When Are We Going To Truly Step Into Our Power?

Is it today? Is today the day you finally accept who you are here and illuminate that Divine Truth into the Cosmic Plane, Earth Plane and all around you. Your surrounding community needs you to be the Light that you are here and anchor in the truth of your Divinity. This means claiming your power. Claiming your Divine birthright here as a healer, leader, teacher and so on. You are the visionaries of this planet. You have come to create and effect great and positive change here. You have such vision for change and feel unrest because you know what this Earth could be. You feel the potential deep within your bones. Well the time for rest and inaction is no more. It’s time to step up to the plate of yourself, your own personal power and truly rise in greatness, in your own divinity here. See who you are inside. See that bright light. See that greatness. What is it you doubt in yourself? Write it all down. Write all the reasons why you have not stepped up already. They are laden in fears, worries, doubts about yourself, and must be addressed for your own further healing here. Because as you continue to work on yourself and heal yourself, your power can further emerge, for you release it as you begin to love yourself more, heal yourself more. When you begin to see the greatness within you, it is much easier to catalyze that greatness in others in your surrounding community and the Earth at large. Keep healing the planet. Keep doing your work here. I support you. We, the Angels of the Earth, and Heaven above, support you in embarking on your Divine mission here, so keep at it. You are supported. You are loved. And you are cared for deeply by All That Source Is. Indeed. So what is stopping you today? What fears do you need to address today? I commend you for who you are, an honorable citizen of the Earth, who has taken painstaking strides each day to emerge from within her/his own greatness. You are this power. Be it now. The power never existed elsewhere. It was within you all along. Time to claim it. Be bright, Angel Blessings of this Earth. Mwah! xoxo, Love, Peace, and Namaste. Daina. ❤ xo

Love you all!! ❤ xoxo 😀

Peace!! 🙂



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