Free Yourself From Your Own Pain Today

Many of us have been hurt before, but perhaps what we often do the most is hurt ourselves. We carry this pain cycle of abuse, shame and self-torture because we either believe that we are not good enough or we are not deserving of love, power, healing and change here. We do not let ourselves become the gods and goddesses we were meant to be. Allow yourself this change, because this power can only be granted through you, through the permission you give yourself to liberate yourself from these shackles and chains. Perhaps the greatest medium, method and mode of doing this is the power of healing yourself through self-love, and what that means, as you dip and dance along the road of self-abuse and torture. One powerful step of self-love is to simply open up to your own soul, and invite the wisdom and healing in of your own darkness and pain. The story that you tell the world, is it your soul’s truth? What have you been hiding from all of us and yourself? Make peace with your inner world, the inner pain and the darkest corners of your mind. Find the truth and messages within, and surrender to your God Self. Letting Healing take place within you starts with you. It will only begin there. If you are stuck in the loop, I recommend you make peace with yourself and truly take a stand for your liberation here, your healing here. After all, you only have this one life to live now, so what will you do with it? Will you fight for yourself or will you remain dormant in the pain and suffering? I’m asking you to free yourself. Get the help and support you need, but remember this first step, this first decision, well, it starts with you. Write to me if you need help but I want you to first write to yourself, your soul, your higher consciousness. It starts with you. Only you know you best and what you have been through and the healing leaps you have taken already. Keep going, truth seekers and truth tellers, find the depths of your soul’s messages within, and allow yourself greater access to Divine Healing. Peace be with you all. Namaste. xo,

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