Freedom Means…

forsythia-daina-whiteFreedom means you allow yourself to exist here as you were always meant to be. Freedom means letting yourself heal and giving yourself permission to be the fullest expression of your divinity here. Freedom means walking the path of your heart. Have you been longing for such freedom? The choice is inside you. The choice is here. It is now. Awaken to this longing and step once more through the door. Your calling is summoning you. Your calling has always been here. Awaken once more, my dear and step through the door to your awakening and ever-widening divinity. You are forever expanding on this plane in order to liberate yourself, because you have such amazing healing gifts and talents here, and you can keep going. You can keep continually freeing yourself of the bonds that stop you, bind you from existing as your fullest self, through each continual act of self-creation and self-love. May you love yourself into total wellness, healing and a blissful, blessed life. I love you and honor you and your paths here. Namaste.


Daina. Peace. Namaste. ❤ xoxo 😀

Photo by Daina White.


Freedom For The Soul

daina-white-yellow-flowerAsk yourself what is it you are searching for now? In this moment, are you searching for God, yourself, your love, your life, your true purpose? What avenues are you creating today in order to fulfill your true destiny here? Let yourself drop into the soul, the spirit and the heart space now, and let go of the trappings of the mind/fear and ego. Let go. Release yourself. Allow yourself to flow with your soul shine instead of getting caught in the mind.

What’s going on now is you have a choice. You have a choice to live the life you were always meant to live, but instead, you are choosing to remain in fear. Well, it’s time for change, this season is ripe for it, too. You can be the promised one you are meant to be. You can be the light. It is time to start anew. Evaluate your life and see where you would ideally like to make changes. How do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? This isn’t always about what you expected for yourself, but rather a positive vision of who you imagine yourself to be right now…so is this true in 5 or 10 years? Are you her? Are you him? Have you consciously been stepping toward and in the path of mystery and mastery? Or have you been wide awake and yet still somehow asleep, going through the motions just to “survive” instead of to THRIVE!! I want you to thrive. I want you to live so freely, so greatly, that the very existence of your soul here claims the light for all, and allows them to greater express themselves.

Live freely. Live boldly. Claim your light…and be the destined one you are tonight! Make the choice. Allow yourself to be the wondrous creation you were always meant to. Stop allowing yourself to hinder what you are, and instead, just let go…and flow. 🙂

Peace with all the children of the Earth. May you all have a most blessed day.

I cherish each and every one of you.


Peace, Love and Eternal Light, xoxo,

Daina. Namaste. ❤ xoxo 😀 PEACE!!! ❤ xoxo 😀

Photo by Daina White.

Shining Forth Now, Opening Up Yourself to New Love and New Avenues of Healing and Creation Here

“The Pulse Of The Heart Lies Strong” by Daina White, ©2012.

What does it mean to step into the wilderness of your heart? To explore what hasn’t been seen…what’s long been hidden from sight. From our own sight. These walls, these caverns, these ritual beings deep within our aching heart…where are they and why do they still stand? When will we take the step within to unleash and release all that no longer serves us?

Often we build these walls, these protective barriers to our soul’s light, our golden glow, our eternal embrace, for we feel this is the best way of keeping us safe, but what are we so afraid of, scared of, running from?

Ask these questions to yourself right now: What is it that you are longing to be, yet remain eternally afraid of?

What is it that your soul is crying out for you to do, but yet you keep turning your back on it, ultimately, turning on your true self?

We know…we all do…these ways can be scary, to be our true selves and keep shining our heart light especially after hurt times, troubling times, misfortunes and the like, but how can we truly stop being who we are here? That would mean to snuff out the light for good and then what would be the point of existing? We all have a purpose to serve. Remember that, if anything else goes by you today to sit within your higher consciousness, please remember that…this: We all have a purpose to serve. We all have one deep within our bones aching to be let out, so let her out! Release your self and soul and shining light onto the world! Be the Goddess you are! The God you are! The shining example of Love you are! Do not be afraid. Do not let this world take from you the very light that you are…you are so golden and beautiful. God will not let you down. The Universe will stand strong behind you. You will have a Legion of Angels and Archangels at your side. You will always be supported in manifesting your divine dreams, visions and goals here, so stand with purpose, and STAND STRONG!! For you are strong. The walls of your heart…they may crumble down now, and as they do, you step out with that searching, longing soul of yours, and you further develop yourself and heal yourself and renew yourself. You greet and meet with the world once more with fresh vision for you have learned much in your time here, and when you finally awake and re-awake once more, once again, you will know with renewed passion and fervor how exactly it is you serve your mission here.

God Bless all of you. Peace be with you. Namaste.




Goddess of Light.

Goddess of Truth.

Goddess of Eternal Glory.


So When Are We Going To Truly Step Into Our Power?

Is it today? Is today the day you finally accept who you are here and illuminate that Divine Truth into the Cosmic Plane, Earth Plane and all around you. Your surrounding community needs you to be the Light that you are here and anchor in the truth of your Divinity. This means claiming your power. Claiming your Divine birthright here as a healer, leader, teacher and so on. You are the visionaries of this planet. You have come to create and effect great and positive change here. You have such vision for change and feel unrest because you know what this Earth could be. You feel the potential deep within your bones. Well the time for rest and inaction is no more. It’s time to step up to the plate of yourself, your own personal power and truly rise in greatness, in your own divinity here. See who you are inside. See that bright light. See that greatness. What is it you doubt in yourself? Write it all down. Write all the reasons why you have not stepped up already. They are laden in fears, worries, doubts about yourself, and must be addressed for your own further healing here. Because as you continue to work on yourself and heal yourself, your power can further emerge, for you release it as you begin to love yourself more, heal yourself more. When you begin to see the greatness within you, it is much easier to catalyze that greatness in others in your surrounding community and the Earth at large. Keep healing the planet. Keep doing your work here. I support you. We, the Angels of the Earth, and Heaven above, support you in embarking on your Divine mission here, so keep at it. You are supported. You are loved. And you are cared for deeply by All That Source Is. Indeed. So what is stopping you today? What fears do you need to address today? I commend you for who you are, an honorable citizen of the Earth, who has taken painstaking strides each day to emerge from within her/his own greatness. You are this power. Be it now. The power never existed elsewhere. It was within you all along. Time to claim it. Be bright, Angel Blessings of this Earth. Mwah! xoxo, Love, Peace, and Namaste. Daina. ❤ xo

Love you all!! ❤ xoxo 😀

Peace!! 🙂


Free Yourself From Your Own Pain Today

Many of us have been hurt before, but perhaps what we often do the most is hurt ourselves. We carry this pain cycle of abuse, shame and self-torture because we either believe that we are not good enough or we are not deserving of love, power, healing and change here. We do not let ourselves become the gods and goddesses we were meant to be. Allow yourself this change, because this power can only be granted through you, through the permission you give yourself to liberate yourself from these shackles and chains. Perhaps the greatest medium, method and mode of doing this is the power of healing yourself through self-love, and what that means, as you dip and dance along the road of self-abuse and torture. One powerful step of self-love is to simply open up to your own soul, and invite the wisdom and healing in of your own darkness and pain. The story that you tell the world, is it your soul’s truth? What have you been hiding from all of us and yourself? Make peace with your inner world, the inner pain and the darkest corners of your mind. Find the truth and messages within, and surrender to your God Self. Letting Healing take place within you starts with you. It will only begin there. If you are stuck in the loop, I recommend you make peace with yourself and truly take a stand for your liberation here, your healing here. After all, you only have this one life to live now, so what will you do with it? Will you fight for yourself or will you remain dormant in the pain and suffering? I’m asking you to free yourself. Get the help and support you need, but remember this first step, this first decision, well, it starts with you. Write to me if you need help but I want you to first write to yourself, your soul, your higher consciousness. It starts with you. Only you know you best and what you have been through and the healing leaps you have taken already. Keep going, truth seekers and truth tellers, find the depths of your soul’s messages within, and allow yourself greater access to Divine Healing. Peace be with you all. Namaste. xo,