Labradorite Medicine Stone Journey

“Falcon Goddess Horatia” by Daina White, © 2016.

Healing with Labradorite…these essences are gifts from God, gifts from Gaia, gifts from Mother Nature. They help us access deeper and deeper levels within ourselves, grounding us, connecting us deep into the womb of Gaia. About a week ago, I journeyed with Labradorite and was shown many winged messengers, totems of the bird species. There were falcons, dragons, hawks, owls, phoenixes, a raven, too, and they all were beautiful. They inspire the action energy, the courage to take these necessary steps to realize our goals and dreams to full and true fruition. They lend us this inner strength. Perhaps the strongest Messenger for me that night was the Falcon, so I immediately set about drawing her energy, her totem as she spoke to me. It is all about seeing and recognizing the opportunities as they come up for you in your life and that not only have the discernment about which to act on, but then to actually act upon them! So I am thankful for all these winged messengers giving me the sight and vision to take such next steps, and I hope for you, that you will fly free and receiving the healing energy, too. Peace beloved ones. Namaste. xoxo, Daina.

~ Hawk Medicine. Falcon Energy. Crow/Raven. Phoenix. Barn Owl. All of these powerful messengers lie in wait for you to claim your destiny! Heed the call! ~ 😀





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